Working Capacity of 10KW Inverter for Solar panel

Do you know what an inverter is and how it works? Inverters are energy-powered batteries that convert direct current into alternate current for conventional use and saving energy. To understand its working, you must know that output AC and input DC voltage are different. Usually, input DC voltage is kept very low, and the voltage of our AC is nearly equal to the grid’s voltage. The voltage of the grid may be 120 volts or 240 volts. If you want to buy an inverter, you will have many kinds available in the market, depending on the shape and type of wave. Different inverters have other efficiencies, settings, and pros or cons.

Working of 10kw inverter for solar panels

If you have seen solar panels, you have an idea about installing a solar panel for a 10kw inverter. The solar panels, which are usually associated with a 10kw inverter, are more competent and will have more power in their trail. You must remember that if you want to install a 10kw inverter for solar panels, you must have a big house and roof because it will take up a lot of space.

Number of solar panels required for 10kw

You must be interested in working with solar panels and 10kw inverters if you are installing them at your home. Your solar panels must be 1.8mx1m for your roof, with almost 49 m2. You should have at least 27 solar panels for a 10kw inverter.

Amount of electricity generated by 10kw inverter

10kw is more than enough energy to connect with so many solar panels. Most probably, a 10kw inverter will be able to have at least 5kWh per day. If we find out an average for its working, it will work 15,600 kWh in a year which is not a tiny digit to go. With such a large amount of energy, you can run many home appliances, including heavy motors or refrigerators. You can also run at least 4 air conditioners per day on a 10kw inverter connected to solar panels.

The cost of solar panels you will face for a 10kw inverter.

Are you a millionaire or a billionaire? Oh, it was just a joke. You will only need a small amount of money, ranging between $18-19,000, for quality working solar panels and high power. You can have a highest budget of at least $15,000 to have the best quality product and to run leading home appliances with premium results and management. Using premium gears and a 10kw inverter may cost more than $14,000 because premium ingredients are expensive. Also, if you are conscious about how many bills you will get by using a 10kw inverter for solar panels depending upon how you consume the energy.

Bottom Line

Everyone in this world is aware of the performance of the inverter. Wherever you see some DC inverter or AC inverter, your mind goes to save energy and money. So you must have a handsome amount in your hand and should go to purchase a 10kw inverter for your solar panels. Do you already have a solar panel? Be on time to buy a 10kw inverter.



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